Movies with mum

The lights went down and the screen was filled with wonder. Then mum asked, “What’s he doing?”

“I don’t know, it just started.” I said

Munch. Munch. Who’s that guy?

“I’m not sure yet, let’s watch and see.”

“Oh. Okay.”



“What happened?” Mum asked

“The other guy stole the gem.” I said

“What gem?”

“The gem they’re all trying to find. The good guys are trying to put it back in nature, and the bad guys are trying to use it for power.”

“Wait, what did he just say?”

“I don’t know – I missed it.” I said

Munch. Munch.  Slurp.


“How long is this movie do you think?”

“Not much longer.”

“That movie was horrible!” I said

“Are you kidding?! It was so great! I loved it! I especially liked the bit when the bad guy tried to take the gem for the second time and Nix zapped him with the laser. But then she got hurt by the ricochet and The Tumbles came out of the woods and saved her.”

“Who’s Nix?”

“Molly! The main character?”

“Oh. I must have missed her name.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have if you weren’t talking all through it… Just saying.”


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